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The speech of protection of marketing research

September 5th, 2017 Posted in Uncategorized

Now directly go to the results of marketing research https://essaypirate.com/thesis-writing/. However, for starters it would be appropriate to voice the list of questions that were asked of the respondents:

1. Indicate your gender.

2. Indicate your age.

3. What is your marital status?

4. How much free time per day do you have?

5. What do you do in your spare time?

6. What is the average number of books you read in a month?

7. What is the average number of books you buy in a month on paper.

8. Do you read books in electronic form?

9. Is there a home library in your family?

10. For what purpose do you buy books?

11. Do you collect books (rare series and gift editions)?

12. How much per month do you spend on books?

So, carrying out of marketing research and the analysis of the received data have given following results.

The survey involved 56% of women and 44% of men.
The majority of the respondents were young people between the ages of 18 and 30. In itself, this information gives a little information and the expediency of opening a new store. It was used in two-factor analysis (in particular, when combining such factors as people aged 18-30 years and how many of them read books in electronic form).
In terms of marital status, the numbers were divided almost equally. So 34% of respondents are unmarried and unmarried, 34% are married and 32% are married and have children. People who are now free from marriage bonds are, to a greater extent, young people who are currently studying in schools, colleges or colleges. Therefore, they will certainly be interested in educational literature. 32% of the newlyweds now, most likely not to books, tk. the young family always has big problems in terms of the organization of life. People who are married and have children - this is a promising market for educational or fiction.

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